Architectural Risk and Security

The best time to think about security and risk is at the ground level. If your organization is in the process of a constructing a new facility or your needs are for a pre-existing site, contact the professionals at Eagle Personal Protection to assist you. top


Baffle-the-Bully Training

This training teaches your child that being bullied is not acceptable behavior. It also empowers them with the skill set and confidence to report this type of activity .If you would like to learn more about this please contact us t speak with one of our trained staff. top


Bar, Night Club & Restaurant Security Training

Let our consultants train your personnel and provide them with the knowledge and skills to handle themselves and others. We can provide training for doormen, “bouncers” and all other staff. Learn how to handle potential volatile situations before they get out of control. Minimize your establishment’s risk of liability due to over zealous security personnel. Call us for more details. top



We cater to a clientele whose business by nature puts them at risk. This is due in part to their popularity, notoriety and high visibility. We can tailor the security and protection depending on each personality and situation. top


Children Traveling Alone

Today’s society is more mobile than ever before. Children and teenagers are traveling without escorts for a wide variety of reasons. Kindnappings of children and teenagers for use in overseas slave trade markets is a very real threat. If your children have to travel alone, regardless of age, we will be there to protect and safe guard the most important person in your life. We can provide agents around the world. Call to speak with one of our consultants. top


Construction Sites

The market for stolen construction equipment or costly building materials continues to increase. Don’t leave your multi million dollar developments sites in the hands of unqualified security personnel. Let our highly trained security professionals discuss your requirements with you. Call for more details. top


Corporate Facilities

Our highly trained personnel can assist you with corporate facility security, risk, workplace violence issues and training. We can provide onsite personnel for temporary or long-term situations. Contact us to discuss your particular needs. top


Corporate Meetings

We can provide discreet professional security for corporate meetings. If you are concerned about protection of trade secrets, intellectual property or high tech eavesdropping we can provide security as well as capabilities to “sweep” meeting and conference rooms for listening devices. Contact us to discuss your needs. top


Corporate Risk Assessment

Our trained staff are ready to discuss your particular needs with regard to corporate risk assessments either from a company wide perspective or on an individual basis. Contact us to discuss your particular requirements. top



Traveling dignitaries continue to be targets of deranged assassins or others that would do them serious harm. Often times the best defense and protection against such threats is avoidance. This can be best achieved by professionals trained in detailed advance work. We strive to expect the unexpected. Your safety is our primary concern. top


Executive Protection

We provide the business and corporate executive the ability to move about in an envelope of safety and not be inconvenienced by security personnel. We can provide you the peace of mind to allow you to take care of business while we take care of you. top



Often times when executives need to be separated from their families the threat is not always to the person traveling but the family members left at home. We can provide the peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are not alone. From one hour to 24-hour protection, we will be there when you cannot. Our agents are also available to escort families traveling on vacation either domestic or abroad. top


Israeli Tactical Self Defense Training

This is a very high end no nonsense form of hand-to-hand combat. This system is an Israeli Special Forces based form of training. This training is both defensive as well as offensive. It is a fully based military response to potential life or death confrontations. Applicants for this program must be at least 18 years of age. Please feel free to contact us for further information. top


Individual Risk Assessment

We can provide consulting with regard to individual risk assessments. If you are concerned that a threat exists for executives or other key personnel take a moment to speak with us. top


Investigative Services

We can provide a wide range of investigative and surveillance services, all very discreet and professional. The following is only a small sample of some of the services we can offer. Litigation support, financial investigations, patent infringement, corporate fraud, background verifications and checks as well as a wide range of surveillances services. Call to speak with one of our professionals. top


Movie Sets and Locations

Let our trained staff of security experts provide you with confidence knowing you’re your expensive movie sets and locations will be safe and secure. We can provide continuous security and protection on your locations to allow you to work without concern. We can also provide one-on-one personal protection for celebrities while on location. Call us to discuss your needs. top


Personal Protection Consulting

Our highly trained staff is ready to meet with you to discuss any aspect with regard to personal protection. See how our elite agents can provide you with the security and protection you may require. Contact us to set up a consultation meeting. top


Political Figures

In today’s volatile society political figures can become targets without a moments notice. We can provide the level of protection required to meet those threats and to provide the freedom necessary to conduct activities in a circle of safety. top


Precious Cargo

If your business requires you to transport precious cargo overland or you require security for cargo at certain locations we can assist you with your needs. top


Precious Gems and Metals

If your business requires you to transport precious gems, metals or any other high value items we can provide the personal escort and protection required. We can allow you to concentrate on your business knowing that one of our highly trained agents is concentrating on your safety. Call for a free consultation. top


Private Functions or Formal Events

If your company or organization is sponsoring any type of private function, meeting, or you are planning a formal gala event we have the expertise to assist you along the entire process. Our personnel can advise you with regard to security, risk, and threat considerations. We can also provide professional security for the event itself. Our trained staff can assist you and your organization with security consulting for corporate meetings, shareholder meetings, or any other requirements you may have. Contact us for further information. top


Private Individuals

You do not have to be an executive, celebrity, political figure or dignitary to require or desire personal protection. There are as many diverse needs for personal security as there are individuals. We stand ready to discuss your personal needs. top


Private Property

We can provide short and long term security or surveillance for your private property, whether it may be private estates, yachts or other types of locations. Contact us to discuss your particular needs. top


Self Defense Training

We can provide self defense training at our training center or it can be brought to your facility. Learn traditional martial arts self defense techniques for protection or for conditioning. We have over 40 years of training a wide spectrum of individuals. Call to speak with one of our defense professionals. top


Self Practical-Tactical Training

This training can be provided for individuals or groups. It can be done at our training center or at your facilities. This technique is a hands on practical approach to a physical attack. These techniques provide gross motor skills in conjunction with proven defensive tactical maneuvers. This training is available for both men and women. top


Shareholder Meetings

We provide professional security for shareholder meetings at off site locations or at your facility. Contact us to discus how we can provide the level of security you desire. top


Stalker Protection

We can provide not only personal protection against threats with regard to stalking but also surveillance that can be used in a legal action. Statistics have shown that a high percentage of criminal stalkers, those that have a restraining order against them, have assaulted and in many cases killed the people they were stalking. top


Stranger Danger© Training for Children

The Stranger-Danger training is a proven method that not only raises the awareness of potential danger from predators toward children, but also teaches them how to avoid situations. It also teaches them how to back away from a potential situation and how and what to call out in the event of a possible abduction. Call one of our training professionals to learn more. top


Verbal De-Escalation Techniques

Let our trained staff provide your personnel with the necessary skills to handle potentially volatile situations before they escalate out of control. Learn verbal as well as body positioning techniques to handle confrontational situations. Contact us to speak with one of our professionals. top


Weapons Disarming Training

This is a serious military based training that deals specifically with the disarming of lethal weapons such as knives and handguns. Our typical clients include law enforcement, military personnel, correctional officers, private investigators, protection specialists, as well as other individuals interested in or requiring this type of training. This training can be done in groups or one-on-one. Contact us to speak with one of our training instructors. top


Witness Protection

If you have clients that require one-on-one protection for short or extended periods of time with regard to testimony at upcoming court proceedings we have the capabilities to provide the protection required. Contact us to discuss your specific needs. top


Women's Safety and Self Defense Techniques

This program is designed specifically for women. Our program affords women a level of confidence knowing that they do not have to become victims. Our training does not promote that women engage in physical hand-to-hand combat, but does arm them with the tools necessary to defend themselves in such a manner that allows them the ability to flee for safety. Call for more information. top