Eagle Personal Protection Specialists is a company whose sole charter is the ultimate safety and protection of its clients. We create an atmosphere of protection that allows our clients the freedom and ability to go about their business in safety.

Our personnel are highly trained specialists that are able to blend into any environment to best suit your individual needs. We can be behind the scenes, professionally discreet, or very high profile depending on the situation. When most people think of personal protection, the first thing that comes to mind is the stereotypical “bodyguard”. This type of person has been usually referred to as a “gorilla in a suit”. The reasoning is that these individuals were large muscle bound “bouncers” hired to protect someone. Their basic mode of operation was reactive. However, the last thing you want is your security protection personnel engaged in a confrontation, leaving you vulnerable. It is very difficult to be discreet when your protection personnel can be spotted a mile away.

Many of these so-called “bodyguards” possess little or no specialized training with regard to personnel protection. Our agents undergo extensive training specific to this field. Our personnel have specialized tactical training with regard to weapons, defensive and offensive driving skills, and martial arts only to name a few.

If you are considering personal protection, security, or surveillance for any reason, you owe it to yourself to speak with us at Eagle Personal Protection.

Wherever your destination takes you, we can be there. Our services are not only relegated to personal protection. We are here to offer assistance with a wide range of services. Please contact us with regard to your needs.